Failure Mode and Effects & Analysis (FMEA) Design – Process – MSR

Failure Mode and Effects & Analysis (FMEA) Design – Process – MSR

24th-25th May, 2024

Online + Live Streaming

9:30 AM – 4:30 PM, GCC Standard time


This course follows a step-by-step method for conducting FMEA in a dynamic instructor-led format. The course describes the methodologies which have been proven to be best practices for FMEA development. Participants will learn how to assess risk and determine the levels of risk that trigger mitigation actions. Action plans derived from FMEA and methods to manage FMEA data for future use are also covered in detail. Participants can expect team activities and relevant exercises in a workshop format.

Learning Outcomes

  • The benefits of a proper FMEA effort.
  • The different types of FMEA (System, Design, &
  • When FMEA should be started and completed
  • How to construct an effective FMEA team
  • A working definition of the terms in FMEA
  • Specific step-by-step How to in completing an effective and efficient FMEA
  • Application, installation, and functional failure modes strategies
  • Strategies to determine root causes
  • How to understand and quantitatively assess risk in design and manufacturing
  • What severity, occurrence, and detection mean and how to estimate them
  • Common pitfalls and keys to the successful implementation of FMEAs

What you will gain:

  • Describe the purpose of an FMEA and explain the benefits of using FMEAs in both design and process engineering situations
  • Explain the ten steps to conducting an FMEA
  • Contribute effectively to an FMEA team.
  • Customize FMEA rating scales
  • Identify and prioritize potential risks