Course Overview

This 2 day online course created specifically for Assistants, will help Assistants of all levels to maximize their brain for excellence whilst using knowledge and experience from 30 years of working on the job and over 15 years in training the job. You will learn nuggets from neuroscience and neuro linguistic programming to enable advanced communication, negotiation and influencing skills. You will learn how to take control of your mind to destress, gain and maintain resilience and confidence, use your emotional intelligence for communication and building relationships and excel in all you do. You will achieve the ultimate level of resilience by developing coping skills that are effective even in situations where stress and uncertainty are high.

Growing the business isn’t just for Executives – Assistants need to make vital strategic contributions to the success of their managers and their organizations. This training is designed to challenge you to think in new ways about how you can make even more effective contributions to your manager and organization. Learn how you too can make a difference and realize that you have more to offer to help yourself and your manager to shine

Learning Outcomes

Understand yourself better and the way your brain works as using your brain effectively will help you to realize your potential

Understand your own personality preferences and learn to style flex in order to interact with different styles of personality to be able to influence and persuade

Learn how to use emotional intelligence to your advantage by understanding and managing your own emotions as well as recognising emotions in others. It will help you to create positive social interactions and is necessary for you to realise your true potential.

Learn the habits to help you in different situations Watching for brain hijacks and how to deal with them
You will learn take away practical exercises to maintain confidence and help you to destress and stay calm in all situations

Learn the skills required to future proof career

Targeted job titles and industry

This 2 day online workshop is aimed at every ‘Assistant’ in every industry. There are over 160 titles for the job of an Assistant to managers and leaders and this 2 day workshop is aimed at every one of you but here are some of the more common title roles:
  • Personal Assistants 
  • Executive Assistants 
  • Senior Secretaries 
  • Administrative Assistants 
  • Office managers Admin officers 
  • Admin Team leaders 
  • Executive support Business support 
Some of the clients attending Sue France’s training are: Saudi Aramco, Saudi Diesel, Coca Cola, National Health Service, Leyton College, Osiris Education, International Red Cross, International Management Assistants network, Executive & Personal Assistants Association, Novartis, Colgate Palmolive, AstraZeneca, Kahn Academy, Institute of Directors, Riyadh Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, National Audit Office, Qatar District Cooling Company, HSE & Sustainability Brisbane, Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C., PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Arup and many more.



  • Top tips to be the Definitive Strategic Professional Assistant
  • Secrets of an award-winning professional assistant
  • Advanced communication with behavioural profiling and personality styles


  • Learn to negotiate like a professional
  • Change Management and resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence, values and future proofing your role


    Trainer's profile:

    Sue France is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, coach and trainer and the author of the successful best selling and award winning books: 

    The Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook– (2nd edition published November 2021) and “The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook” – the 3rd edition published August 2015. Both books are used on business administration courses and by secretarial institutions as required reading Sue also presented together at conferences with Bill as well as coaching and training assistants for clients. 

    Following Bill’s nomination, Sue won the prestigious award of The UK Times Crème/DHL PA of the year and also was a finalist in the European Smart PA of the Year out of delegates from 25 countries. 

    Sue is on the editorial board of a global magazine for Assistants – “Executive Support” and regularly writes articles for this magazine and other publications. Sue is passionate about the management assistant industry having worked in it for over 35 years and being an award-winning PA herself.

    Sue revels in motivating assistants of all levels to have the mindset of a change agent and assists them in developing their knowledge, expertise and leadership qualities that is required of today’s Assistant.