U.A.E. Corporate Tax & Transfer Pricing 2023 – Masterclass

23rd – 24th March 2023

Hotel Novotel Dubai U.A.E

Course Overview

This course is aimed at providing insights on the recently proposed Corporate Tax (“CT”) regime in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) which will be in effect from 1 June 2023 and the implications it has on businesses. The course is also designed to give the audience an overview of the key practical challenges posed by the proposed CT regime including the Transfer Pricing (“TP”) provisions and the critical open points that are required to be addressed by the Ministry of Finance (“MoF”) while implementing the CT in order to create a tax system which is friendly to the taxpayer and efficient from the tax authorities’ perspective.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, the target audience will have a comprehensive knowledge of the proposed CT regime.
The audience will be well informed on the TP applicability, the TP documentation and reporting requirements to be undertaken.
The audience will be upskilled to apply the tax provisions practically and assess the impact it would have on the businesses.
The audience will be briefed on the adverse implications of the non-compliance with the proposed CT regime.
The course will aid the audience in making tax-efficient business decisions.
The audience shall be aware of the key challenges that are posed by the proposed CT regime and will also be informed on the possible ways of addressing such key challenges.

Course Outline

This will be an intensive corporate Tax Training program conducted in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.
Also you can attend as Online UAE Corporate Tax Training Program. You will get in-depth UAE Corporate Tax knowledge for all key areas of the upcoming Tax Laws.

Background and introduction to the UAE CT regime
What is Corporate Tax?
When will the UAE CT regime become effective?
What will be the role of the Federal Tax Authority?
Scope of CT
Who will be subject to UAE CT?
How do you determine the business profit / income that
will be subject to UAE CT?
What will the UAE CT rates be?
Exempted person
Will any income be exempt from UAE CT?
Will intra-group transactions be exempt from UAE CT?
Basis of taxation
Calculation of taxable income
Exempted income
Expense deduction limitations
Tax Groups.
Intra group transfer of losses
Group relief
Transfer pricing
Arm’s length principle
TP Documentation requirements
Overview of OECD TP guidelines
Calculation of CT liability
Withholding tax
Tax administration
Taxation of free zones
Key challenges of CT and TP laws
Ways of addressing key challenges.


    Course structure
    Day 1, Session 1 – Alessandro Valente
    Day 1, Session 2 – Michel Ruitenberg
    Day 1, Session 3 – Deepika Chandak
    Day 1, Session 4 – Alessandro Valente
    Day 2, Session 1 – Alessandro Valente
    Day 2, Session 2 – Michel Ruitenberg
    Day 2, Session 3 – Deepika Chandak
    Day 2, Session 4 – Alessandro Valente