Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance

Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance

6th-7th September 2023

Online + Live Streaming

Gulf Standard Time: 09:30 am – 05:00 pm

Singapore & Malaysia Time: 01:30 pm – 09:00 pm

Course overview

Almost every industry has some form of Preventive Maintenance where they scheduled their equipment for some replacement and overhauling activities on a time-dominated pattern. But despite the very best and noble efforts, a lot of unexpected problems, breakdowns, and failures still occur on the equipment and every single hard knock maintenance knows and has experience about this.

We would like to invite your key people to this one-time event on “Reliability-Centered Maintenance” that will provide each and every maintenance an in-depth understanding of what maintenance is all about, what it can do, and what it cannot do so that we can grasp an understanding on how we can do maintenance on our plants. This course will make you think differently about how you perform your maintenance.

Course Objectives

• Provide a deeper understanding of what it takes for our maintenance to be most effective and efficient

• Realize that maintenance tasks will be based on the consequences of the failure itself

• Know when to use the different maintenance tasks at hand with the aid of a Decision Diagram

• Learn the 6 failure patterns and how it affects us in our day to day maintenance activities

• Learn how to apply Reliability-Centred Maintenance in our daily activities

• What are the functions and associated performance standards of the asset in its present operating context?

• In what ways does it fail to fulfill its functions?

• What causes each functional failure?

• What happens when each failure occurs?

• In what ways does each failure matter?

• What can be done to predict or prevent each failure?

• What should be done if suitable proactive tasks cannot be found?

Trainer’s Profile

The course facilitator is a seasoned international reliability and maintenance consultant with 30 years of solid experience in the field. He had been invited in different countries and has conducted reliability and maintenance training in United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Nigeria, Bangladesh, South Africa, China, and Botswana. His portfolio of maintenance training includes Maintenance Management courses on TPM, Lubrication, Tribology, Condition-Based Maintenance, RCM, RCFA, Planned Maintenance, World Class Maintenance Management, The 12 Disciplines, Oil Contamination Control, Maintenance Indices and KPI’s, Maintenance Management Strategies and much more.

He was also responsible for the dramatic reduction of unplanned breakdowns in their TPM Journey as well as RCM implementation on their Facilities AHU units and as well as their substation equipment. Rolly is currently working as an independent reliability and maintenance consultant. He has written 6 books on reliability and maintenance.

Who should attend:

  • Maintenance and Reliability Managers
  • TPM Office, Facilitators, and Coordinators
  • Facilities/Utility Managers
  • Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Group
  • Reliability Engineers and Managers
  • Operations and Production Managers
  • Top Management and Decision Makers
  • Continuous Improvement Groups Plant and Facility
Day – 1
Welcome and Introduction by resource speaker
Module 1: Changing The Maintenance Culture
Module 2: Introduction to RCM Course
Module 3: Understanding MTBF
Module 4: Deriving the RCM Information Worksheet (FMEA) Preparing Functions
World Class Maintenance Excellence
3 fold strategy to adopt on maintenance
Deriving the RCM Information Worksheet (FMEA) Preparing Functions
Day – 2

Module 5: Understanding Failure
Module 6: Understanding the Different

Module 7: The RCM Decision Worksheet
Family of Default Actions on RCM
Finalizing the Decision Worksheet
Determining Potential Failure for Equipment
Preventive Maintenance Tasks
Exercise on Failure Consequences